I’m Tired: A Rant

As I’m sure has been obvious lately, I’ve been playing a lot less FFXI and a lot more WoW. No, I’m not quitting, but I am taking that vacation I needed from the world of Vana’diel.

This is a rant.

I’m tired of…

…losing exp at 75 when I die
…still farming sky after 3 years and not having everything I can wear
…waiting 3 days before repeating a run of dynamis or limbus because the zone isn’t instanced
…any monster that takes more than 30 minutes to repop
…any monster that takes more than 1 hour to repop, and then DEPOPS when the weather changes
…timed dungeon activities
…having a dungeon-only drop without a questable alternative
…80 million sets of points — Conquest Points x 3, IS, AN, Assault Points x 5, Nyzul tokens, the Ichor from einherjar
…having to choose between Nyzul and Salvage for my assault tags
…waiting more than 6 months for any dynamis/limbus drop
…having to choose between gaining fame, questing, exping, and making money
…instances with a time limit
…quests that give lousy rewards
…quests not giving worthwhile experience points
…chocobo raising not offering a practical alternative to rented chocobos
…the constant and sadistic punishment of the players by Square-Enix
…empty loot pools on any monster that takes more than 10 minutes to get to and repop
…items that take literally years to drop
…killing the same monsters over and over and over because the items just don’t fall
…the best gear in 2005 is the best in 2008
…crafting being a mostly worthless activity, unless you want the 20 gamer points on XBoxLive
…desynthing items being worthless
…critically failing a synth 90 levels below my skill
…the solution to high-level boredom — more merrits
…money being far too important to entering activities like dynamis and limbus
…not having much to look forward to other than another year or two of the same
…knowing there are items I will just never have because the monsters are just botted constantly
…having to plan your runs of certain zones around other groups because it isn’t instanced
…any new non-instanced end-game activity
…all of the old, non-instanced end-game activities
…new events that are designed around punishing the players and taking obscene amounts of time
…monsters that are designed to take more than 4 hours to kill
…losing loot when a monster dies unclaimed to a DoT
…anything that takes more than 20 kills to get your drop
…interrupting my casting because the server decided I took a step forward
…being 2 seconds too late for the airship, then knowing it set me back 12 minutes
…being blocked in my path because my character can’t handle an elevation difference of more than 1 inch
…that which I do for fun causing me more frustration than my job
…the game beginning at 75

In short, I’m tired of FFXI.

This week off has been great, and playing WoW (where you don’t have to think as much, and you do quests, which are fun, to gain exp, decent gear for your level, and money) has been really refreshing: to the point where everyone has commented that I’ve been acting different this past week.

I don’t want to quit, but I’m starting to really get sick of FFXI. I also don’t want to quit because I’m so close to getting all the stuff I’d want, and to quit, then come back and still not have it all would probably ensure I didn’t last long. I really feel stuck, where my only two options are to quit for good, or stay playing something that is just starting to drive me insane.

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